"Love In the Time of Tear Gas."  Picture from Ferguson

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Gaza August 19,2014.

"Extended cease-fire ends. Airstrikes resume. More than 30 Palestinians injured and 2  killed in Gaza."

Israel’s Operation Protective Edge

  • 2,019 Palestinians killed [80% civilians] , including 542 children and 251 women from Israeli bombardment
  • 64 Israeli Soldiers killed in combat and 3 civilians
  • 10,223 Palestinians wounded, including 3,486 children and 1,970 women
  •  UNRWA has exhausted its capacity to absorb displaced persons, and overcrowding in shelters risks the outbreak of epidemics.
  • 122 Palestinian families have lost 3 or more members of their family.
  • UNICEF estimates about 373,000 Palestinian children have had some kind of direct traumatic experience and require immediate psycho-social support.
  • 1.5 million people in Gaza have limited or no access to water supplies. 26 health facilities have been damaged.
  • More than 485,000 internally displaced are in need of emergency food assistance.
  • Shelling and bombing have damaged 142 schools — 89 of them run by the United Nations — , and multiple Israeli strikes on Gaza’s only power plant and other infrastructure have left it beyond repair.The cost of reconstruction will run to “hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars,” - Pernille Ironside, the head of the Unicef office in Gaza

Gaza Livesteam

Gaza Updates

Gaza Emergency Appeal

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You’d never see this side of Mexico in the media

The images pieced together in the news — of corruption, poverty, violence and crime — are grim, but they don’t capture the full, textured reality of life in Mexico. As there are approximately 33.7 million Mexican-Americans living in the United States today, it is worth thinking more about what the country looks like beyond the headlines. 

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i want to live here

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i like to think my memory works like present me being the noisiest guide ever to past me in this case 2014 me, meet 2013 me.

also fyi the one thing you never get to hear about “coming out from depression” is how the world seems weirder and stranger and it kind of feels like you skipped out on a 6 month long party which would have made some personal growth or what ever.

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