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But when it’s summer in the city and you’re long gone from the city, I start to miss you, baby, sometimes.

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I loved you first.

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The Lord of the Rings Female Characters + Pre-Raphaelites

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DIY Miniature Hobbiton Garden Tutorial from Craft Tuts here. This is an amazing tutorial (rated easy) that’s incredibly detailed, beautifully photographed with easy to follow directions. It includes all the steps to put together this mini garden including detailed instructions on soil, moss and plants. There are additional tutorials for:

  • Bilbo’s House made out of clay (with template) 
  • Bilbo’s Chimney made out of clay 
  • Mini Toadstools 
  • Clothesline with Little Hobbit Clothes made out of Washi tape
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second time my check has been wrong and I havent seen my bosses since I told them that it was incorrect. every time we get paid they go on vacation and every time our checks are wrong/we don’t get paid the day we’re supposed to.

I work 7 1/2-8 hr shifts alone so I can’t take a break. I think they’re legally required to.

My last paycheck they took money out for a break I never took because that’s how they prove to the authorities that we take breaks.

except I don’t and I want that extra twenty of mine so I don’t have to choose between food and detergent or dog food.

and they told a manager to tell all the employees “If you don’t like it get out or shut the fuck up” and that we’re “disposable”

also they’re mad shady people who lie to customers and I am sick of being in the middle of that garbage.

I’m grateful to them for hiring me when no one would but nah son not for 9/hr.

bare minimum for next employer is for them not to be willing to tell their employees that they’re the equivalent of sporks.




yes god! necessities!

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I adore my dog.


don’t date anyone who isn’t proud of you

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